Mount Pleasant
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The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market
Lamont Park
9/21 9:00 AM
9/21 1:00 PM


From the Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market Newsletter



  • Children’s Play Area: We love kids! Make your market trip a family affair. Shop with your young-ones and then relax and play in our kids space. We’ll bring the toys!
  • Mt P Market Buskers: Feel like busking? Come on down! Andrew Marcus on accordion and Dave Casserly on sax play jazz-influenced folk music, from Quebecois reels to Scandinavian waltzes.  Come see a new addition to centuries-old tradition.
  • Farmers’ Mkt Bike Clinic: We need volunteers! Can you lend a hand as a bike tinkerer? Email to sign-up.


Earth Spring Farm: Beautiful red tomatoes, plums and just a few cherries. Ginormous eggplant, fresh cut basil, baby cabbage, red beets, striped chiogga beets, green  zucchini, green okra, beautiful carrots, and their hot pepper collection. Tender red and white potatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and some early sweet blue Hubbard, butternut and spaghetti squash. Fresh cut baby lettuce mix, arugula and vitamin greens along with baby spinach and mustard greens, snow peas, large red leaf lettuce heads, and possible some broccoli! Don’t forget! Place your wholesale order by Thursday at 9pm for pick-up on Saturday at the farmers’ market. Check-out their other weekly offerings.

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery: Penny and her crew have four cheeses for you this week:  West Virginia Blue — wild and wonderful crumbled on a salad or melted on top of a burger; Jersey Gold – smooth and creamy gouda, perfect for snacking or for grilled cheese sandwiches; Shenandoah Sunrise – southern French-style farmstead cheese, great for a cheese plate with bread and fresh fruit; and Farmhouse Feta – aged over two months for a distinct tanginess. Don’t forget your duck eggs! There’s a limited supply (~4 dozen) sold by the half-dozen and they go fast. Come early!

People’s Bao: Peter has Chinese steamed edamame buns with tender, slow roasted free range pork or duck. Also available – baked taro chips with edamame purée and creme brûlée made with local farms’ eggs and creme.

Pleasant Pops This week’s treats include – Peaches and Ginger, Peach Hibiscus, Watermelon Mint, & Chongos: Mexican Sweet Cream and Cinnamon.

Quaker Valley Orchards: Applesauce and butter, jams in blueberry, tart cherry, peach, blackberry and strawberry, tomato sauce and honey, potatoes, sweet onions, yellow peaches and nectarines, sweet seedless grapes, blackberries, sweet corn, apples -gala and honeycrisp. New this week – acorn, butternut, kabocha & spaghetti squash!

Reid’s Orchard: Yellow peaches (Autumn Glo), White peaches (Snow giant), Yellow nectarines, Italian plums, pluots, Asian pears, seedless grapes, blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, apples (ginger gold, Honeycrisp, gold supreme, Gala, Elstar, Pinova, Yataka, Early Fuji, McIntosh, Macoun, Cox Orange Pippen and other heirloom apples).

Atwater’s Bread: Naturally leavened, hand shaped loaves like Peasant Wheat, Caraway Rye, Cranberry Pecan, Kalamata Olive, traditional San Francisco Sourdough, Ciabatta, Country White, Jalapeno Cheddar, Spelt, Sunflower Flax, more. Ned Atwater does slow fermentation with carefully tended starters and wild yeast, organic stone ground flour from a family mill in North Carolina. Also yeasted breads like the slightly sweet, traditional Irish Struan bread. Great scones, muffins, cookies, brownies, granola, bagels and delicious soups to take home!

Groff’s Content Farm – Beef: steaks, short ribs, roasts, jerky, ground beef. Lamb. Most pork cuts. Eggs. Complete raw meat dog food. Tallow soaps.

Truck Patch Farms – Green and purple beans, wax beans, green and yellow squash, arugula, mesculin, baby spinach, kale, collards, swiss chard, eggplant, bunches of basil, cantaloupe, 3 varieties of cucumbers and lots of beautiful heirloom tomatoes!

Truck Patch Meat Department – All cuts of pork, like loins and chops, plus ham, bacon, jowl, salt pork, lard and scrapple. Eggs. Whole chickens and fresh chickens parts. Ground turkey and cut up turkey.

Richfield Farm – Cucumbers, squash and zucchini, new potatoes, green beans, large slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, honey, eggplant, fingerling eggplant, corn, onions, beets, cantaloupes, okra, watermelons, cabbage, cut flowers, peppers – jalapenos, pablano, and bell.

Radius: Tanya of the soon to be launching, Craft Kombucha is back with the ever popular ginger, peach, blackberry, and watermelon plus a surprise or two. Want a sneak peak of the flavors before the opening bell? Follow @craftkombucha on twitter.


  • Mark your calendars! Common Good City Farm will host a Night on the Farm Oct 3rd. Join them for a magical evening with food, gardening workshops, and music.